Fed Up Challenge – Day 1

This is where I should probably post some mouthwatering picture of my meal. You’ll just have to imagine it because I woke up late, had errands, and well, forgot to do the food porn thing.

This is what I had:

Brunch: 2-egg omelette (no milk) filled and topped with bruschetta and about 2 ounces of fresh mozzarella. I also had coffee, my multivitamin and 2 Clementines

Dinner: 2/3 cup corn (frozen); fresh red tomato chopped with fresh basil, .05 ounces of fresh mozzarella, a tsp of balsamic vinegar, and a turkey patty with a tsp of Weber’s mustard, wrapped in a lettuce leaf

Snacks: red pepper slices with 2 tbsp hummus, 2 more Clementines, and about a half cup of cashews and pecans (mixed), and 3 pieces of fake crab

The last was a mistake as it is extremely processed and contains sorbitol which happens to be a type of sugar, but I am just going to keep going because if I stopped for every mistake, I would never get through any of these things. As it is, it only contains 1 gram of sugar so it’s not like I devoured the half bag of Hershey’s Almond Kisses that are in my tote bag and will be deposited with colleagues tomorrow.

So let’s look at my totals as calculated through MyFitnessPal.

  • Calories: 1300 (comfortably under my daily goal, but not unduly so)
  • Carbs: 94 (again way under)
  • Fat: 74 -16 over (and herein lies a problem with me. I knew I was way over on the nuts, but I kept on eating anyhow)
  • Protein: 68 (under, but not by much)
  • Sodium: 1194 (way under and that’s a good thing for me)
  • Sugar: 46 (only 1 g was not naturally occurring and it looks like I have 20 remaining)
  • Cholesterol: OVER. That is a problem. Will need to work at that
  • Potassium: Under by quite a lot. Also an issue, but I’ll work on it
  • Fiber: Under
  • Calcium: Under by only by a hair
  • Iron: Over
  • Vitamins A & C: Over

This is not news to me. I don’t think cutting out food groups is the answer, but I’m willing to see if the lack of processed food and added sugars helps in other ways.

Things I enjoyed: the lettuce-wrapped burger which was not nearly as messy as one might think and was surprisingly filling; my bruschetta omelette, and actually my meals as a whole.

Things I did not enjoy: you know, today hasn’t been as hard as I expected. This will probably change…


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