Fed Up Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 and I’m still standing. I want sweet things, but I think it’s because they’re off limits rather than actual craving, but it’s frustrating. Today it’s absolutely freezing and the thought of a cup of hot tea with honey is enticing, but honey is off the table, but I can hold off till then.

Today I have food porn:

The picture isn’t stellar, but it made for a very tasty meal. Okay:

Breakfast:  Coffee, my multivitamin and 2 Clementines

Lunch: Strips of red, orange, and yellow raw pepper, some baby carrots, and some celery sticks with 1 tbsp of hummus. I also had an apple cut up into pieces with 2 tbsp of cashew butter (organic, no sugar added). Oh, and a sheet of whole wheat matzo, which was . . . nasty? I am not a big fan of matzo on a good day and the whole wheat variety is even more tasteless than the regular. Spread with the cashew butter, it wasn’t too bad, but yeah, not my favorite.

Dinner (pictured above):  3 oz of roast chicken breast, skin removed, with a medley of oven-roasted turnips, potatoes, and beets (I toss them in about a tsp of olive oil with some balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper). Beet greens were sauteed with olive oil and garlic.

Snacks: microwave popcorn (just popcorn, nothing added), 1 oz of fresh mozzarella, and 2 Clementines. Oh, and 2 ounces of bourbon* (mixed with hot water and some fresh lemon juice)

*Bourbon and other hard liquors have next-to-no added sugars so they are okay to drink!

Let’s run the numbers, shall we?

  • Calories: 1509 – higher than yesterday, but still within my limits
  • Carbs: 203 – still under the limit
  • Fat: 48 – under today, yay!
  • Protein: 60 – still some room there, but respectable
  • Sodium: 1009 – let’s keep that up
  • Sugar: 63 – squeaking in under the wire, but I’m under
  • Cholesterol – super under today, actually below what i should be getting, but I am guessing that’s not so worrisome
  • Potassium – much higher, but still under
  • Fiber – did just fine today
  • Calcium: Under
  • Iron: Over
  • Vitamins A & C: Over

And there we have it. I’ve been feeling kind of blah, but I wasn’t feeling too hot before I started this and I can’t really discern if anything substantial is happening or not. I did take the time to make my food pretty and I to make it colorful. That always seems to help with satiety.


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