Fed Up Challenge – Day 5

Okay, I am calmer now and attempting to remain so. I am not really trying to do a cleanse. I’m trying to learn better nutritional habits. So, another day, another year, it’s a fresh new start.

No pics.

Breakfast: 2 stone-ground corn tortillas with scrambled egg beaters, 2 tbsp of bruschetta topping, and a cup of fresh avocado. Black coffee and the multivitamin as usual.

Lunch: I wasn’t terribly hungry so I had a whole wheat matzo with more avocado and an orange.

Dinner: 2/3 cup corn (frozen); fresh red tomato chopped with fresh basil,  a tsp of balsamic vinegar, and a turkey patty with a tsp of Weber’s mustard, wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Snack: 1/4 cup of raw almonds

  • Calories: 1266 (under my daily goal)
  • Carbs: 118 (under)
  • Fat: 70 (over – I knew it would be with 2 avocados and the nuts)
  • Protein: 55 (under)
  • Sodium: 576 (lowest it’s been in months)
  • Sugar: 25 (really under, but considering my sugar high of yesterday, I can live with that)
  • Cholesterol: Really under
  • Potassium: Under
  • Fiber: Over
  • Calcium: Under
  • Iron, vitamins A & C: Over

So there you have it. Back on the proverbial wagon and back to somewhat respectable numbers.


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