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Why I don’t go to ALA

A good friend of mine lives in San Francisco and excitedly told me that ALA Annual is going to be there. This may only make sense if you follow Game of Thrones, but I was proud of how I explained the situation.

The conversation paraphrased with her permission:

Me: I don’t go to that one. I go to MLA and that’s going to run me $1500 this year.

Friend: Why don’t you go to ALA?

Me: Well, it’s just really big and there’s not a lot of — okay, you know how you mostly¬†care about the Team Dragonstone characters like Stannis and Davos?

Friend: Yeah

Me: So if ALA was about Game of Thrones, it would¬†mostly be Dany and Tyrion and SanSan people and maybe if I’m really lucky, I might get to one Team Dragonstone thing [Hey, just like trying to shop the HBO Store!]. But if MLA was about Game of Thrones, it would be mostly about Team Dragonstone. Oh, there might be a few things on people I don’t have a lot of interest in like oh, Selyse or Renly, but it would primarily be about Team Dragonstone.

Friend: Got it (instant comprehension)