Decluttering plan – KonMari style

My copy of The Life-changing magic of tidying up finally arrived.

I read the whole thing. As a book, it’s not that dense or long. Also, I couldn’t sleep.

Right now, my work life is beyond stressed. I’m coming home to a messy house feeling exhausted, anxious, and out of control. I don’t sleep. I have some health problems that stress and insomnia aggravates.

What I do know is that when my living space is orderly, I feel more in control. I need to be in control right now.

So I think I’m gonna do it. The whole apartment.  Which is roughly 1100 square feet, three bedrooms, living room, dining room, front room, kitchen, bathroom, linen closet, 3 bedroom closets, coat closet/storage. Basement is done except for some stuff that’s going straight out to the curb this weekend for bulk trash pickup. Don’t need to organize what isn’t there.

After reading the book, I think I had the basics of the KonMari method down already so I don’t feel like I did anything wrong with my two little subcategories (linked here and here). She suggests starting with clothes because most people are not that attached to them. As I think I wrote in an earlier post, clothes are hard for me and I do feel attached to them, so I am going to change up the order.

The plan:

  • Papers
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Komono (Japanese for miscellaneous) – I expect this to take a long time, but hey, slow is better.
  • Memorabilia

I’m ruthless about paper and I don’t have an issue with books. I mean I have a lot of them, but I like to weed my collection regularly. Then I’ll tackle clothes and the rest of it. I’ve found some nice worksheets online that I’ll be using.

As for the how of disposal, if it’s good enough to be donated, I will donate. I generally do not mess around with consignment shops or selling, but if it’s worth it, I’ll do it. Otherwise I shall recycle or trash the rest. No one needs my ripped vendor t-shirt and I have enough rags already.

I’ll try for before and after photos of most of the projects.

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