Clothes II – KonMari

I am really happy with the final result of going through my entire wardrobe.

One entire closet is cleared (well, of clothes). I’ve got 2.5 empty dresser drawers, and my remaining clothes look like they can breathe.

closet main after


Again, after I finish the process, I may go back and move some things around.

Other than discovering that none of my outerwear sparks joy (and I live in a city where it’s unwise to let go of that stuff until you have replacements in hand) and some sore muscles, this was a good project.

Some advice:

  • Have a disposal plan in place. I knew ahead of time that I’d be donating stuff to the AmVets so I called ahead, ascertained they would take clothes, and found out where to drop everything off.
  • Have a second designated space for your discards. Get yourself a large box or two for your hangers.
  • If you have kids, pets, and/or a significant other, I’d make sure they were out of the way while you’re doing your clothes unless you’re working with your kids on their clothes.
    • Although now that I’m thinking about it, it could be really helpful to have a significant other being the one to truck your old stuff wherever you’re taking it. The reason it took me as long as it did was because I was the only one wrangling hangers and schlepping bag after bag into the car and then driving it to the thrift store.
  • Kondo is a big believer in folding. After trying it out, I am too, but that said, you’ll have stuff that just needs to be hung. I dealt with that first.

sock drawer after

Because I am not in the happy position of being able to immediately replace the necessary but non-sparking joy items I own such as winter coats, I’ve made a list of these things. As money frees up a bit, I’ll keep an eye out and this time I’ll try to be more discriminating when I buy.

The folding took a bit of practice, but I’m happy with it.  If I can keep this up, I’ll be able to see what I have as opposed to the dip and dive method I was using before.

Because the rest of this process is going to take me a while, I did put stuff back. I also don’t love my shoe storage solution (hanging fabric racks). I think I’d also like to see what I can do with the freed up space in the two bedroom closets, but I’ll come to back to it as I go through more categories. Right now the second closet holds the ironing board, a drying rack, and a host of other things, but I think that’s going to be a temporary state of affairs.

closet spare after

So far, this process has been good. Before I tackle books, I’d really like to finish up the shredding and also to get the ever-growing pile for charity out of the house. Because I’m not a little scared. I’ve been sort of scanning the shelves thinking there’s very little I will purge, but then just now I was starting to identify things that are going to go. It could get chaotic very, very fast.


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