Breaking the rules (again) – KonMari

Even after all this “tidying,” I’d be lying if I said my home was in order. It’s not. As I declutter spaces, I start moving some stuff out. For instance, when I did the clothes, I unearthed a lot of creative writing and a whole host of items for other categories. So now I’ve got these piles all over the place. Piles of annoying little, pesky things. Things that belong in the komono category.

By Marie Kondo’s rules, the next thing I should be decluttering are books. And I plan to.

Except I have rather a lot of them. Like everywhere.

And in the meantime, I have all this stuff all over the place. So once again, I’ve decided to go a little out of order.

I tackled what retailers call health and beauty products (meds, makeup, skincare, etc.) which I thought would be easy. Ha!

For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I have a scary amount of it. Or had. I just chucked quite a bit. Also, I had an insane number of travel sized things–and yet somehow every time I take a trip, I end up buying more. Every time I have a cold, I end up at the drug store buying a bunch of very expensive OTC meds and cough drops. It has to be pitch black for me to sleep, and I have several very nice sleep masks, and yet I can never find them. I have three first aid kits and, again, can never find what I need.

I am going to see if I can put an end to that.

For one thing, I am very confident I emptied every drawer, cupboard, container, and tin of health and beauty items. All of it. After I sorted through everything, I’d filled half a kitchen-sized trash bag  with the excess junk.

I thought about what I would want in my nightstand (e.g. sleepmask, carmex, hand cream, emery board, etc.) and found an empty box lid. I got rid of all the office supplies and random stuff so that all it contains are those items in said box lid.

No pictures. Sorry, you don’t need to see my prescription stuff or how artfully I arranged the DayQuil blister packs. But know that all of my makeup is now in ONE spot. All of my travel items are now in ONE spot. All my pain relief items are in ONE spot. Same with the cold/flu/allergy stuff.  And I think that’s key. I have a tendency to scatter these things all over the place. I’m not sure why. My home is not that big. Maybe it was because at the time I wasn’t sure where to put things or probably because I always organized by location rather than category. I guess the test will be maintaining everything. Maybe I’ll end up back where I started, but the energy feels different now. Like I’m taking control and putting things in intentional places.

I like it.


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