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Yeah, I know (and that really doesn’t properly convey the enormity of what I had).

Like my books, if I own the DVD chances are that I’ve watched it a hundred times. And while I know that you can purchase digital copies or watch on streaming, there are problems with that solution. First off, did you know that some of those shows that have been on Netflix for a good long time are often abridged? Secondly, I like my extra features. I don’t get those with streaming or digital copies. And thirdly, stuff on streaming doesn’t necessarily stay forever.

But as always as I handled the DVDs I started to realize that for a lot of these things the joy was no longer sparking.

I ended up donating these piles, not tremendous, but respectable. I kept about 5 that I wanted to watch again and then I’ll donate those. The rest got dusted off, re-alphabetized, and re-shelved. I ended up with about a half a shelf free, so good on me.

The rest of it was shockingly easy.

I got rid of every single one of my cassette tapes. All but two of my vinyl. And a respectable amount of CDs. Also, as I was wiping stuff off to put back, it kept hitting me, “Nah, I don’t really love this” or “I have the songs from this CD that I really love on iTunes” or “I think I am finally over my obsession with Al Jolson” (it was a dark time in my life). I finally got rid of all the VHS.

What I have been having to do, though, is to slow down. Because it gets super compulsive tossing stuff. And a key part of her step is you actually holding each item and then doing “thanking” it/being self-reflective about the item.

And here’s what it all looks like now:

Super, surprisingly easy category for me. Who knew?

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