Komono – Check In

I’m well at the half way mark, probably for the entirety of my house as well as this category.

  • Health & beauty
  • Entertainment: DVDs, VHS
  • Entertainment: CDs, cassette tapes, records
  • Board games/games
  • Gift wrap/stationery
  • Technology (cords, cables, small devices)
  • House maintenance 
  • Tools
  • Office supplies
  • Linens (sheets, towels, tablecloths, rags, etc.)
  • Cooking utensils
  • Baking, pots and pans, & kitchen equipment
  • Eating utensils, dishes, glassware
  • Pantry & liquor
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Luggage (not really worthy of describing)
  • Knitting
  • Sewing/embroidery
  • Toys
  • Décor (pictures, picture frames, knick knacks)
  • Creative writing
  • Genealogy
  • Comic books
  • Collections
  • Holiday decorations
  • Miscellaneous (everything else)

I thought it might be beneficial to sort of check in and report on how things are going. And so far, it’s going well. The clothing organization continues to work. It takes no more time to fold than it did to hunt down hangers and hang. I’ve been letting go here and there of some items that just haven’t worked for me.

The other day I had an interesting experience while going shopping. I was looking for shoes—having tossed so many, I knew I needed to replace some. I should mention that I loathe shoe shopping. Actually I loathe clothes shopping in general. There are reasons for that. I hate crowds. I don’t like being closed in. For a long period of time I was financially strapped and even though that’s not really the case now, every time I go in a store, I think about those days of having to settle for what I could afford. And lastly, I am in plus sizes and trying to find attractive clothes that in traditional brick and mortar stores is nigh impossible (which is why I shop online these days). Now I wasn’t buying clothes, but still to me it’s all one and the same. I hate it.

And usually I take the path of least resistance. The shoes fit and are in my price range? I buy. Even if I don’t love them.

Not this time. This time I found myself saying, you know, it’s all right. What I want is not here, but it will be at some point. I am not going to buy anything I merely tolerate. I will wait for something that I truly love.

Also, and this is fascinating to me, cleaning has become a little easier. Intellectually, I know this is because I have less to pick up and move out of the way, but it’s like now I finally get it.

Subcategories that are done:

Toys – You wouldn’t think a middle-aged person with no kids would have a lot of these, but as you can see, I do.

By and large these are all from my brother’s or my childhood. As we got older, my mom started asking me if I wanted them. I’m godmother to a small boy and honorary aunt to his brother and she thought they might like to play with them when they came to visit. There are also a few things that were mine that were special to me. And lastly, there are an obscene number of empty FunkoPop! boxes for Game of Thrones toys which are in my office at work. My thinking seems to have been, keep the boxes because those might be valuable someday. But I just can’t anymore. The Lego boxes were trashed years ago, I flattened them along with all the FunkoPop! ones. These aren’t things I have for their collectible value. All the Legos are in a big box with a fitted lid. I kept some of the stuffed animals and my Peanuts pillow in a basket in the same area. My dolls, teddy bear, and my Corduroy Bear from grade school, I ended up putting in a small linen zipped container. I purged a bunch of the Fisher Price toys, although not all. This still leaves me with a fair amount that I need to house  . . . somewhere.

Creative writing – this was mostly in the form of legal pads, 20 of which were personal journals. I believe I’m supposed to deal with that kind of thing when I get to “sentimental,” but I ended up reading through some of them, and I know they’re a keep. The rest of it was stuff that I either already had in digital form or that was not worthy of being kept.

Board games/games – done. Surprisingly easy. I still have a bunch I haven’t played in years, but I get so happy looking at them, like my two vintage Clue games. I got rid of all but two packs of cards. For now the remaining games are on my mantel. Future location still up in the air.

Collections – this was hard. I had about 3 albums and 2-and-a-half under-the-bed storage containers. Collections included: stamps, coins, some classic movie stuff, a whole mess of Star Wars memorabilia, and some random things. My stamp and coin collections are static and not particularly valuable. I do like to pull them out and look at them on occasion so I opted to keep them. The other things were harder. I’d honestly forgotten about a bunch of items. There’s also the issue of disposition. It’s one thing to donate your old clothes or dishes to AMVETS or Goodwill. But I’m pretty sure they don’t want your high school era scrapbook of painstakingly culled clippings of Jeremy Brett or Harrison Ford. In the end, I purged enough that I’m down to 2 albums and 1 under-the-bed storage container although I don’t think it’s going back under the bed.

Technology – I was expecting this to be far worse than it was.  It’s not 100% done. I have some stuff that needs to be wiped and I can’t get it to boot up to do that.

Tools – There really wasn’t much I purged here, but I cleaned out the toolbox and separated out things like weatherstripping tape and twine and such. Again, not 100% done because I have these weird sets of things that I need to ask someone about. Some belonged to my dad and I want to make sure there’s not a family member who wants them.

House Maintenance – everything but cleaning supplies. I included batteries, light bulbs, things like duct tape and twine, the supplies for weather proofing the windows, etc. It’s organized and I tossed a bunch of stuff.

Sewing/Knitting/Embroidery – I should have pictures, but I knew this was going to be brutal so I just slammed through it. My eyes are no good for close work anymore so the embroidery stuff is done. I dealt with the sewing box quickly enough, although I keep a supply of buttons and they do spark joy. My knitting equipment went pretty well. And then I hit the yarn. And this was not easy. I have attachment issues with my stash. But I went through it super fast and to be honest, so much of it did not spark joy. There was yarn I had won in Chinese auctions. Yarn I’d picked up that I’d never quite liked. Yarn for projects that really never worked out and then I couldn’t figure out what to do with the yarn. But it was not easy. I don’t regret doing it, but it was not easy. In the end, I pared my stash down by half.

So this is my frustration with this method. Some of this stuff, I can put away and know it’s probably going to stay there. My clothes and books for instance. But other things . . . like I have that whole closet that I emptied and a good portion of the one in my bedroom. It’s not that I’m lacking the space. It’s that I’m still in the middle of this process and I don’t want to have to keep digging this stuff out over and over. Some of my current storage methods aren’t good (https://isblackisthenewblack.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/stationery-gift-wrap-office-supplies-komono-konmari/) and I’d rather figure out new ones before stowing everything.

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