The Great British Bake Off

I thought I would take a momentary break from all KonMari stuff.

On a friend’s recommendation, I gave The Great British Bake Off a try and I loved it.

Amateur British bakers compete in a series of skill-based challenges for a trophy and apparently the honor and glory of winning. That’s it.

There’s very little in the way of staging/shaping a story that you’d see on a similar American show. If they are doing it, it’s being done in an incredibly subtle fashion. Nobody is sabotaging anyone. The presenters seem to be very kind people who want the best for the contestants. And the judges are pretty fair and so far, compassionate.

It’s civilized. The food is mouth-watering. The contestants are interesting and clearly talented. And it’s watchable.

When some TV exec decides to make an American version (and they will–it’s inevitable), you can bet all of that will fly out the window.


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