KonMari – Sentimental Journey

It took a few days, but, Reader, I am done with “sentimental” and therefore also done with Phase I.

I have now gone through every single one of my possessions.

Generally this is what I was left with:

  • Family mementos
  • Things of personal significance and meaning to me
  • Journals
  • Photos

With a very few exceptions, the correspondence, greeting cards, and post cards I have been holding onto for the past twenty-five years got chucked. I reread everything and while it was a memory-provoking, enjoyable experience, greeting cards inscribed with a mere “Happy Birthday!” and a “Love, so-and-so” didn’t make the cut.

Likewise the artwork my brother and I sent my grandmother was tossed (I did consult with my brother, but he didn’t want it). We’re talking the Jackson Pollack-like scribblings of four-year-olds minus the talent of Mr. Pollack.

Mementos from the weddings of friends who have since divorced met the same destination.

So what is left?

Konmari sentimental

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Family mementos are things that aren’t of genealogical interest, but which I felt were things I wanted to hang onto. My paternal grandparents’ prayer books, pieces my father wrote, some of my mom’s childhood artwork, and a handful of other items.

My own mementos were a mix of things. There’s a bit more than I was hoping for: a few dolls from childhood, articles or stories that I wrote that got published, school yearbooks, some theatre programs, and a few odds and ends.

I kept the journals. I have no idea how I’ll store them long term, but after a lot of angst, I felt like they were keepers.

And then there were photos, which I thought were going to be awful, but which were actually pretty easy. I forgot I’d gone through these a couple of years ago although it looks like I never finished the job.

Things I tossed:

  • Blurry photos, photos with my thumb in the corner, photos where people’s eyes were closed
  • Duplicates (understand we’re not talking precious family photos, but rather dupes of scenery from vacations)
  • Near duplicates – Richard Avedon I am not. There’s no sparked joy in five photos of the same building from almost identical angles.
  • My rather extensive collection of photos of the spaces in every apartment I have ever lived in. They were taken for insurance purposes. I haven’t lived in those places in years and years.

With everything that I let go of, I did do an internal “thank you.” I kept these things for a very long time for lots of really good reasons. It’s just the reasons aren’t there anymore.

So what’s next?

I am going to figure out how to box this stuff up and find a temporary home for it all.

And then I figure out permanent storage solutions for most of the things from Phase I.



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