KonMari – Next steps

So you want to try this Marie Kondo thing?

A couple of people have been asking me if I have advice about doing this. I do.

My first suggestion is that you pick a couple of small categories or subcategories that aren’t emotionally loaded for you. Make sure you get all of the category/subcategory together in one place, and then try the method. If it doesn’t work, you’re not out a ton of time or effort. If it does, you have proof of concept.


  • Use her category order (clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental)
  • If you have too much of a category, do a subcategory
  • Identify a staging area – she suggests the floor, but it could be a bed, a table top, anything
  • Make sure you get ALL of the category/subcategory together for sorting
  • Have a disposal plan in place, be it charity donations, trash, recycling, consignment shop
  • Don’t let it all pile up, I got it out of the house as I went
  • There will be items you need, but cannot afford to replace right now. Create a list somewhere and just add those items to it. When you have the money, try and make a thoughtful purchase and get rid of the old item.

This worked for me.

I learned a lot about myself, what I really liked, just how much guilt I’d put into the things that surrounded me (I can’t possibly get rid of that even though I never really liked it because it was a gift from so-and-so), that I’m a very visual person, and that I’m not terribly self-aware about certain things.

It wasn’t always easy. In fact sometimes it was downright hard.

But since starting this, I’ve maintained all the spaces I’ve decluttered. I can find things now. Getting dressed is not a terrible chore.

Phase II is me trying to see what the best possible way to organize what remains. I have some ideas, but I’m trying to make thoughtful, careful decisions about this. I’ll blog about that as I go.

My life is still very stressful. Work hasn’t calmed down. My health is still a problem. The factors that were out of control are still kind of out of control, but for the first time like ever, my home feels in control. And for that I am very grateful.


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