Phase II: It begins

After finishing Phase I of my massive decluttering KonMari project, I took a bit of a break. I think I needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I went through the whole process, but it was emotionally and physically draining.

There were a few small projects in there. A year or so ago, I purchased some drapes that I finally had hemmed by a very kind person. Those are now in my bedroom and I replaced a few things, chucking the older items.

So Phase II.

Things I am happy with and have no plans to change:

Makeup/skincare/medication organization, towel and linen organization, entertainment, books (although if I can figure out how to get the cookbooks out of my bedroom I will be thrilled), and anything in the kitchen and dining categories.

What I can live with for now:

Holiday stuff. I take it all out at once and I put it all back at once. Boxes stacked on top of each other is not the end of my world there.

What I’m not so happy about:

The stuff in the spare room and office closets, my sewing and knitting stuff, the office supplies, and a few other things. I also want to tweak the clothes a bit. I like the folding a lot, but I’m not convinced I have the best possible technique for those. And there are the sentimental items.

I decided to start with the office and spare room closets. At the end of Phase I, the office closet held an outsized serving piece, a roaster, computer equipment, some computer boxes I had to keep, my financial records, and a few hobby items.

office closet before


The spare room closet held: some of my clothes, ironing board, drying rack, iron, gift wrapping stuff, stationery, Christmas gifts I’ve started buying, a bunch of spare hangers, a few reusable canvas bags, and the toys I wanted to keep.

spareroom closet before


Kondo is not a fan of piling boxes on top of each other and I get that. The problem with doing that is that when you need something at the bottom of the pile, it’s invariably a mess. And yet, you don’t want boxes all over the ground. She also advocates for keeping like items together as much as possible and that seems to work for me.

My brilliant solution was to start with an inexpensive metal shelving unit. I bothered to measure (yay me!) and decided this would solve a bunch of problems.  I still have a mess of left over storage boxes and baskets and I thought surely that would fix it all.

It was a two day process as I messed around with various placements, configurations, and trying to deal with the gift wrapping stuff.

It was not fun.

I desperately wanted to put the gift stuff in the office closet, but until I can find a solution for storing all that junk (I have scoured Pinterest for weeks), it’s not happening. In the end, I opted to put all the ironing stuff and all the spare hangers in there.

This is what it looks like now.

office closet after 1

office closet after 2

I’m reasonably happy with the solution.


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