KonMari Reorg – Progress

I am moving along with Phase II.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, I wanted to work at finding a permanent home for the knitting and sewing supplies and some other items, like my board games, photos, and the things that are in the spare room closet.

Let’s review. This is the spare room closet before:

It was marginally better because I got rid of the hanging shoe organizer and moved the ironing board and drying rack into the office closet.

There are two bookcases I wanted to work on. Bookcase #1 is in the office and has recently been the temporary home of my knitting, sewing items, some extra office supplies, photos, and photo albums.

Bookcase #2 is in the bedroom and needs to stay there, as it holds a DVD player that needs to live somewhere near my flatscreen. It was holding my cookbooks and I’ve been anxious to get those out of there.

Marie Kondo argues that you shouldn’t have categories spread out over multiple rooms, and I am seeing the wisdom of that. I managed to move the clothes in the spare room closet into the main one so aside from the items in the spare room dresser, everything is in the master bedroom.

Then I purchased another $20 metal shelving unit and put it in the spare room closet. I relegated my old toys that I wanted to keep to the upper shelves. I cut the top off of a boot box and consolidated the knitting supplies into it and then I moved all of that along with my sewing box to the shelving unit. It’s also now holding the box of stationery, Christmas presents I’ve already purchased, and the gift wrap. (I still hate how my gift wrap stuff is stored, but I am working on that).

This is what the spare room closet looks like now.

Now that I had free shelf space on the office bookcase, I moved all the cookbooks there and opted to put the photos and photo albums into the bookcase in the master bedroom. Here’s the after:

I still had space in the office bookcase so I moved the board games there and rearranged a few things. And here’s the after of that:

Everything is coming along!


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