The Gift wrap conundrum: KonMari

Nothing has stumped me quite like a final storage solution for wrapping paper and gift wrapping items such as ribbons, tags, and bags.

I don’t feel too badly about this because judging by what I’ve found on Pinterest, blogs, and various web sites, I am not alone.

There are commercial solutions out there. You can buy hanging storage items. There are things like specially designed rolling carts or these sort of suitcases that hold everything. Some people, who evidently do a lot of present wrapping, and who are handy have come up with some custom closet installations. But aside from the fact that I’m not that handy, I rent and well, I neither have that much gift wrap nor did I want to spend that kind of money.

There are also some really clever ideas that just didn’t work for the type of supplies I had. But there were also some that I really liked.

This is the before.

This is what I was left with after I purged and the temporary solutions.

While it was certainly less chaotic, it still presented me with problems. I didn’t love the temporary fix of using the metal wastebasket. For one thing, they rolled about every time I jostled them. And the Sterlite storage container, well, here’s the thing. You’re not supposed to pile stuff horizontally and I could already see the same thing happening that always happens: after you go in there and pull out stuff to wrap a present a couple of times, you’re left with the same mess you had before.

Thanks to my research on Pinterest, this is what I came up with:

  • A $1.99 plastic bag dispenser from Ikea to hold the wrapping paper rolls
  • A magazine holder left over from me purging my magazines. I did some cursory searching and it looks like most places have them for about $3 to $5.
  • A left over photo box.
  • A left over plastic storage box
  • A gallon-sized Ziploc bag

You can certainly get fancier than that. I found some nice boxes at the craft stores that hold ribbon rolls and have slits in the sides to allow for easy, non-chaotic ribbon dispensing. It was just that what I have really wasn’t suited in size to justify that kind of purchase.

The ribbons are all in one box. Bows are in one bag. Gift bags and tissue paper are vertical. The little plastic container holds gift tags and gift stickers.

Here is the after after:

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