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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 10


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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 9

Today was an odd day mealwise. I’m at the point where I need to go grocery shopping so I put some stuff together in ways that were probably not the most … intuitive?

More importantly, I need to figure out what to do starting on Sunday. Because you see I will have completed the Fed Up Challenge with my last meal on Saturday.


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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 8

Last night I dreamed I ate chocolate. Specifically these guys:


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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 7

Halfway mark. I’m not going to bore you with my meal options for today. It was a mix of things that I’ve already eaten so far.

I am over on fat and sugar although under on calories.

I blame my shoes.

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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 6

I believe I alluded to some health issues before. First of all, I’m an insomniac. I have some other things going on too that are all contributing to the lack of sleep. Part of the reason why I wanted to redo this challenge was because I felt that if I could kickstart myself back into some healthier eating habits, I might sleep better.

It seems to be working. The quantity is still not optimal, but at least I’m sleeping through most of the night. And today for the first time in months and months, I felt like I was alert and focused and I had all this energy.

Some of that has to be due to the change in diet.

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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 5

Temptation was all around today. I got invited to an ice cream lunch and by another person to a lunch lunch. Both of which would have been deadly.


I held out for radishes.

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Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 4

Today I went a little out of control. Oh, I’m still under calorie wise and it could have been worse. No added sugar went into me. It wasn’t as bad as last year when I ate a whole box of marzipan. But I overate and I feel kind of icky.

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