Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 2

Let’s do the numbers first.

They’re very good. Well under everything except protein–over by 2 grams there.

I managed to feel sated too.

And I also feel like I want to hit someone. Now to be fair, I have some health problems and my hormones are pretty much all out of whack, but I am putting this down to withdrawal. I am desperately craving sweets. It’s to the point where I think I am going to pass going to the farmer’s market tomorrow because I fear what will happen if I walk by any of the stalls with baked goods.


I’ve never really gotten the whole concept of “food addiction.” After all, you can stop drinking or doing drugs. How do you stop eating food?

At a recent screening of “Fed Up,” I was struck, though, by an image showing the brain reacting to sugar and cocaine.


So maybe there’s something in this after all…


  • Coffee
  • Apple slices and 2 tbsp of cashew butter


  • Leftovers from dinner (salmon patty, corn, broccoli


  • 2 radishes
  • Popcorn (nothing added)
  • 1/4 cup dried unsweetened cherries



  • orange
  • mini brie

The pork tenderloin dish was good. I subbed out canned broth for my own. It desperately needed salt so I ended up sprinkling in a little Parmesan to the quinoa mixture.

I think having protein at every meal helped a lot and kale and quinoa are fairly bulky when it comes to food. But I really really want sugar. MUST RESIST.



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