Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 7

Halfway mark. I’m not going to bore you with my meal options for today. It was a mix of things that I’ve already eaten so far.

I am over on fat and sugar although under on calories.

I blame my shoes.

Usually I get in 10,000 steps a day. It’s spring where I live and I’m in the habit of going on a long walk at lunchtime and usually one at night. But today I decided to try and break in a pair of new shoes and my feet paid the price.

It wasn’t until I looked at my count that I realize how much I’ve been counting on that extra bonus for activity.

I also blame the fact that this is the halfway point and I’m annoyed by how much energy and time I have to put into this. A friend asked me to babysit her son tomorrow (I’m excited. I love the kid and it’ll be fun). But that one deviation means that I had to revise my food plans for the rest of the week. I ended up cooking two meals tonight simply so that I could take my own dinner with me.

This challenge is not easy for me. I like the way I feel. I like the renewed energy and the new focus. I’m not missing the 4 lbs I lost, but here’s what is so very tough: it’s the realization that if I’m going to continue on this journey, eat a healthy well-balanced diet, make the right choices, and hopefully eventually get to my goal weight, and maintain that weight loss, I am going to have to do this kind of thing pretty much every single day of my life.

Oh, sure it’s not too bad when you’re cooking your own stuff, but then you go out at some point to a restaurant and you try figuring out calories and sugar. All of these apps, all these programs like Weight Watchers, this all works fine if you’re eating at a national chain. I can find out the nutritional value of a Denny’s Grand Slam no problem. But when I go to a nice restaurant or even a diner, there’s no way to know. So you have to guess. It gets so old, so very fast.

Or here’s what else happens. It’s a busy day. Non-stop stuff happening and you forget to log your food. Then you have to go back and try and remember every single thing you ingested. 

7 days a week, 365 days of the year

It’s not easy. It can be done, but I sometimes wonder if people realize just how tedious it is to do this. And it’s really the only way I’ve ever lost weight. I have to journal. If I don’t, it just slips right back on.

I’m reading back and this seems very negative, but it’s how I feel and I’ve been at this for a very long time. I know me. I know the challenges. And it is a real struggle.


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