Fed Up Challenge Redux – Day 8

Last night I dreamed I ate chocolate. Specifically these guys:


It was incredibly vivid as dreams go. I was walking through my apartment and saw a candy dish filled with these. I caved. Bit into it and it was like I was actually eating one. And then I woke up, disappointed with myself  that I had not been able to stay the course, and then of course, vastly relieved to find out I had been dreaming.

Food addiction is totally a thing. I am convinced now.

Anyhow other than having a very long workday I managed just fine. The crudite lunches are really really getting old. I need to look through my cookbooks and find some other alternatives, but I felt sated and I had a super long walk at lunch.

Breakfast: individual serving of brie, 1/4 dried unsweetened Bing cherries, coffee, multivitamin

Lunch: usual selection of crudites and hummus

Dinner: leftover sauteed summer squash with garlic, leftover potato salad, an orange, and some pork tenderloin.

Snack: 1/4 cup almonds and an apple

Dessert:  1 oz bourbon and an orange

Totals 1,208 147 43 74 872 57
Your Daily Goal 1,893 237 63 95 2,300 71
Remaining 685 90 20 20 1,427 14
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You’ve earned 233 extra calories from exercise today

I am feeling significantly less fatalistic than I was last night. Maybe it was the dream. Maybe it’s the fact that I slept 5.5 hours straight, woke up, and then slept 2 more. But I feel like I can do this.


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