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Eating Well – Days 38 & 39

chicken with ginger sesame glaze.jpg

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Eating a little too well – Days 36 & 37

It’s not been a great couple of days. Errands at lunch time and after work have kept me from getting in my usual walks. There was a potluck at work and I did not restrain myself. And today was not much better.

But tomorrow is another day and I just have to get back on the proverbial horse.

Eating Well – Day 35

Thanks to the people who made suggestions about my issues with caffeine withdrawal. I ended up taking an Excedrin and that helped. And I have been drinking lots of water. It just threw me how violently I reacted.

Today was somewhat better – no pics, sorry. I’m eating a lot of leftovers so I can clear some space in the fridge. So I can’t even wow anyone with the descriptions of my meals. It’s all a lot of the same stuff I’ve already been eating. I’m doing some browsing on recipe blogs and Pinterest for some ideas to add to the rotation.

A couple people I know are all doing various things. I’m sure they’re all great plans. It’s just I have a longish acquaintance with all of this and I know me. I know what I will and won’t do. My cobbled together plan seems to be working for me so until I see a reason to stop, I’m going to continue with it.

I’m at that stage where my clothes are starting to fit better and I can see some slight changes in my body.  I can also go up several flights of stairs now without being winded. I definitely feel it when I don’t get in all my exercise and I never thought I would say this, but 10,000 steps is starting to feel like it’s not quite enough.Who knew that was even possible?



Eating Well – Day 34

Gonna keep this short because my head is pounding and I’m trying to do anything to keep from eating everything in the house.

It may have been a mistake to try and wean myself off caffeine at the same time of doing all this other stuff.  Or I should have done it more gradually. But right now I’m not in a good place…

Look what I’ve done to my oatmeal (or Day 33)


oatmeal 1.jpg

Yes, I made my own instant oatmeal packets!

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Eating Well – Day 32

Way back before I did the Fed Up challenge the first time around, my friend, who was the one who told me about it in the first place, told me that on day 3 or 4 “it was like I was on meth.” Basically, what she meant was that on her 3rd or 4th day of cutting sugar back to proper levels, paradoxically, she had all the energy in the world.

I never got that feeling. Not the first nor the second time. Until today.

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Eating Well – Day 31

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