Eating Well – Day 12

thai quinoa salad.jpg

I will never be a food stylist. Or a good photographer, but this was really yummy.

Today I walked into work to find that a grateful faculty member had baked me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It was really sweet of her and luckily I was able to share them with my colleagues so I wasn’t tempted to eat them all.

It was a pretty good day foodwise. I also packed in almost 12,000 steps.

Breakfast: coffee, multivitamin, an apple cut into segments with 2 tbsp. of cashew butter

Lunch: leftovers: peameal bacon on a small kaiser roll with bourbon mustard and some of the corn relish.

Snacks: oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, orange

Dinner: the above Thai Quinoa salad, 3 oz of chicken breast, and some corn relish

Dessert: mixed berries and 1/4 cup ricotta

Totals 1,469 191 59 59 1,677 83
Your Daily Goal 2,016 253 67 101 2,300 75
Remaining 547 61 8 42 622 -8
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You’ve earned 356 extra calories from exercise today

I am over on sugar, but way over in fiber and low in cholesterol and such…


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