Eating Well – Day 16

This entry is going to be short. Have you ever been so tired that you’d willingly eat cardboard if it meant you could collapse?

Today I got in over 15,000 steps. It was a long day work-wise and at the end of it I felt physically spent.

I didn’t eat cardboard and I resisted the urge to just eat junk.

Breakfast: mixed berries and 1/4 cup ricotta

Lunch: leftover salads

Dinner: I can’t find the recipe, but it’s basically tomatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, and sauteed scallops mixed together with a vinaigrette. I had enough calories left to enjoy exactly 4 Hersheys Treasures candies and 1.5 oz. of bourbon over ice.

Gonna call it with that. I have a mountain of dishes and then bed is beckoning.



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