On the Road – Day 23

That my friends, is the “Mediterranean Quinoa Salad” with the addition of avocados. I had options that were tempting like burgers and stuff, but I opted for that. Aren’t you proud of me?

Keeping to any kind of plan while traveling has always been a challenge. Either there just aren’t options or I’m just really tired and grimy and a burger sounds like heaven. But today I resisted temptation and got that. It was very tasty and I couldn’t even finish it.

Breakfast was an apple with 2 tbsp; of cashew butter and a plum. And dinner was in Chinatown. We probably should have asked for the Chinese menus because the stuff on the “regular” menu was fairly standard fare, but it was good. We had a Chicken with mixed vegetables kind of entree and some kind of ¬†Szechuan vegetable dish. I did have some white rice, but limited myself to about 1/2 cup.

The only thing and it’s indicative of a problem I didn’t realize I have is that I did not have coffee this morning and the vicious headache that’s been plaguing me is clearly caused by caffeine deprivation. This means I’m going to need to taper off and it will not be pretty.

I’m over on sodium again (if my guesses on my fitness pal are accurate), but I’ll take it.



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