Eating Well – Day 35

Thanks to the people who made suggestions about my issues with caffeine withdrawal. I ended up taking an Excedrin and that helped. And I have been drinking lots of water. It just threw me how violently I reacted.

Today was somewhat better – no pics, sorry. I’m eating a lot of leftovers so I can clear some space in the fridge. So I can’t even wow anyone with the descriptions of my meals. It’s all a lot of the same stuff I’ve already been eating. I’m doing some browsing on recipe blogs and Pinterest for some ideas to add to the rotation.

A couple people I know are all doing various things. I’m sure they’re all great plans. It’s just I have a longish acquaintance with all of this and I know me. I know what I will and won’t do. My cobbled together plan seems to be working for me so until I see a reason to stop, I’m going to continue with it.

I’m at that stage where my clothes are starting to fit better and I can see some slight changes in my body.  I can also go up several flights of stairs now without being winded. I definitely feel it when I don’t get in all my exercise and I never thought I would say this, but 10,000 steps is starting to feel like it’s not quite enough.Who knew that was even possible?



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