Eating Well – Days 38 & 39

chicken with ginger sesame glaze.jpg

I’ve been thinking about portion sizes a bit lately. My first instinct when I looked at what’s in that picture, is that there’s not nearly enough food in those containers. Except there is. There’s about 1/2 cup of cooked rice and 4 ounces of chicken in each container, which is the correct portion size for an adult. It’s just I’ve been so used to thinking that everything needs to be overflowing on my plate. And no, it doesn’t. Maybe I just need smaller freezer containers and smaller plates.

By the way the above is a recipe from Cooking Light: Chicken thighs with ginger sesame glaze. I suppose you could substitute chicken breasts, but I think the thighs stand up to the sauce pretty well. I’ll pair them with some veggies or some of the salads I’ve been making.

Doing poorly in terms of exercise, mainly because of other commitments, but I’ve stayed on track food wise. Today I made a bunch of stuff ahead of time so that I can have meals ready at night.



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