Catching up – Day 46

This is the hard part of making a lifestyle change. It really is. To keep up with this kind of a massive change and keeping to a plan day after day after day is really tough.

Let’s just say I’ve not been doing well.

Here’s what I’m learning and, well, relearning:

  • Buffets and potlucks are deadly to me
  • My impulse control is low
  • Portion sizes in packaged foods are way too large
  • I’m a food addict

I’ve been on this earth some time and I’ve been hung over a few times. Not a lot, but enough to know what it feels like. And yesterday I was hung over, but not from alcohol, no, from food. I felt lethargic, my stomach was roiling, head throbbing, and even knowing that continuing to eat badly was not going to help, I kept on doing it.

If that’s not addiction, I don’t know what is.




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