This is the hard part – Days 53-55

It has not been easy to keep to the plan for the past few days.

A couple of reasons for that. One of them has to do with my health. I had a recurrence of a semi-chronic problem and it leaves me exhausted and drained. It’s a thing that for once has no connection to my weight. It just happens and it’s not really anything I can control. So there’s that.

Mostly, though, this is the part where you need a lot of stamina. It’s tedious having to journal absolutely everything that crosses your lips. A couple of meals I tried didn’t work out and then it’s so tempting to just get takeout. Also, I find that I do best when I have a routine established and well, lately between work commitments and my health, that hasn’t happened so much.

I’ll be traveling again, but like last time I have made some menu plans and a shopping list. There’s only one way back and this is the only way that works for me.


One response to “This is the hard part – Days 53-55

  1. Good luck! You should give yourself some sort of non-food treat! Maybe rent a movie or buy yourself a little something? Maybe an indulgent skein of yarn or a new nail polish or even a manicure! Go for it, you have earned it! (That was a lot of exclamation points, hopefully the peppiness rejuvenates and doesn’t annoy :))

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