On the Road and Back – Days 56-59

I returned today from a 4-day trip. No photos, sorry (I know I suck as a blogger), but let’s just say I ate all the things.

Stuff I did well:

  • Trying to get the dressing on the side
  • Drinking my water
  • Getting in exercise
  • Logging what I ate

Stuff I did not do so well at:

  • Making the healthiest choices
  • Restricting my portion sizes

It helped that the friend I shared a hotel room with is very health conscious and also likes to walk. Yesterday we ended up clocking in about 19,000! And the funny thing was, it wasn’t till the very end that I started to feel like I had done too much. So I guess that’s progress on the fitness front.

I’m back home. Despite my best efforts, I did not get the grocery shopping done, but I managed to have a pretty healthy supper nonetheless.

My week is going to be a bit unstructured, but I am going to try to stick to plan and do the best I can. I have to keep telling myself it’s a lifestyle change and I’m in it for the long haul.

And I will try to take pretty pictures of my food again. I promise.



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