Eating Well – Days 61-63

Soooo mix of good and bad because that’s how it crumbles.

But first, a photo!

blackberry apricot salad.jpg

Despite my best intentions, things did not go that great on Tuesday and Wednesday. There was a home emergency and I was kind of out of it most of yesterday due to illness (and allergies).

I finally forced myself to go grocery shopping and this time I went to the store in the ‘burbs with the wide aisles–the one that I think caters to a senior population. It was mercifully easy to get around the produce department, where I spend the bulk of my time these days. I will have to go back there next big shop.

Anyhow for once I am under all my numbers. I got my steps in and all my water.

And somehow I am down a pound!

Menu for today:

Breakfast: Apple with 2 tbsp almond butter, coffee, multivitamin

Lunch: Chef salad w/4 oz of chicken

Dinner: the aforementioned blackberry apricot salad, 2 oz of chicken

Snacks: 1/4 cup almonds, and an Edy’s lime juice bar.




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