Eating Well – Day 64

New recipe, but no photo–take a look at the link though because it did actually look like that. Grilled Chicken Bruschetta (minus the grill). No changes to the recipe and it came together very quickly. I will make that again.


Menu for the day:

Breakfast: orange, 1/4 cup ricotta,  coffee, multivitamin

Lunch: leftover blackberry apricot salad

Dinner: that grilled chicken bruschetta and more of the salad, apple with some honey

Snacks: 1 cup carrots, 1/4 almonds, 3 biscotti (homemade)

I got in like 18K in steps before the heat did me in. I am relieved that the aches and pains I was feeling in the first few weeks seem to have vanished. 10k is normally highly doable. 15k is more of a challenge. Stairs continue to be a problem because I don’t really have any in my home and work on the first floor so if I don’t seek them out, I don’t get them.

My skinny jeans which were super tight about 3 months ago are now getting quite loose. I believe that falls in the category of “non-scale victories.”

Non-scale victories are things like: you feel stronger; you’re sleeping more soundly; you can go up 3 flights of stairs without losing your breath. They can  also be on the weird side sometimes, like when you lose weight in your feet or your hands fit in your gloves more comfortably or  you need to tighten your watch band or something, but I’ll take whatever comes my way.

I do feel stronger. I feel like I am sleeping better–not great, but better. I can go up three flights of stairs without feeling like I need oxygen. My clothes are fitting better. I have some definition (okay, not much, but some) in my leg muscles. I have had to tighten my watch band. Last time I wore a belt, I had to take it in 2 notches.

Those are all good things. Especially the first 3.

But I have a very long way to go.


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