Eating Well – Day 67-68

Yesterday not so good. Today decent.

I don’t do well in the heat what can I say?

Yesterday started out well. Oatmeal, lobster cobb salad, long long walk on my lunch hour, and then I had pizza for dinner.

To my credit, I only got a quarter-sized pizza. But I barely got 8k steps in.

Today was much much better. Apple w/almond butter, again lobster cobb salad, some homemade falafel, peameal bacon on a bun, mustard, tomato, corn, and fresh berries.

One response to “Eating Well – Day 67-68

  1. The food sounds amazing! Just the mere mention of lobster is mouthwatering. And I’m jealous you got some exercise in: the heat isn’t the greatest thing for me either, and to do more in it means credit should be given.

    On another note: I rejoined blogshares, with the intent of learning how ideas and bonds work. I’ve been strategy gaming, and I think if I learn how to see things in blogshares, it should help me see more about how things work.