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Eating Well – Day 100

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When your body has other ideas – Day 99

I realize it’s been radio silence for a few days. There are reasons for that. The first is that I’ve been busy and the second is that I’m sick again. Not the chronic stuff, thank goodness. No, thanks to a killer allergy season, apparently I have some sort of sinus¬†infection that doesn’t want to go away.

This makes me nervous–not for any life threatening reason, but because in the past when this has happened, it’s derailed my progress.

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Eating Well – Days 89-90

I am feeling more positive. I’ve had a couple of days of eating to plan, getting in my water, and all my steps. Also, my digestive system is back to feeling normal. So that’s all progress.

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Trying to regain my mojo – Days 85-88

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Relentlessly healthy? – Day 84

AKA “Refrigerator Clean Out Friday”crudite.jpg

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Days 80-83

I seem to have plateaued. It happens. It’s inevitable. There are a ton of possible reasons why it happens from hormones to stress to not exercising.

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Blue Apron & other things – Days 77-79

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I get knocked down – Days 74-76

It’s a recurring theme: I’m doing great and then wham! I devour everything in sight. But I just need to keep picking myself up again and getting back on plan.

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Come to the dark side (Day 71-72)

…we have cake.cake.jpg

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