Come to the dark side (Day 71-72)

…we have cake.cake.jpg


That’s from Friday’s dinner. I don’t regret one bite of it, although I probably would have been fine with half of the portion.

Last two days have been good.


Breakfast: homemade oatmeal w/raisins and 1 tbsp of sliced almonds. There were 2 Timbits (doughnut holes) too from my meeting.

Lunch: an apple and a Greek salad which was supposed to have chicken, but the catering messed up.

Dinner: I met a friend and walked over to an Italian restaurant. There was a piece of Italian bread spread with a little bit of tapenade, a salad with greens, marinated mushrooms, chicken, and truffle oil, and that cassata cake.

I was over on fat and sugar (not surprisingly), but that will happen. I just need to make sure it’s not a regular thing.


Breakfast: I adapted the Skinnytaste recipe Hummus Avocado Toast slightly. Instead of bread, I again used a multi-grain roll, I halved the avocado and only used 1 tbsp of hummus.

Lunch: leftover pasta and meatball

Dinner: Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad and a 1/2 of ginger gelato for dessert.




3 responses to “Come to the dark side (Day 71-72)

  1. are you keto?

    • I am assuming you mean am I a ketogenic diet? No. Basically my physician said “you need to lose this weight” and I said, “I have a plan.” I told her my plan which was to walk at least 10k steps a day, journal my food intake, stay under 1600 calories a day, avoid processed foods, and try and stay on target for macronutrients.

  2. Sounds like you’ve been really well in control. 🙂 The avocado toast sounds great, i might try it