I get knocked down – Days 74-76

It’s a recurring theme: I’m doing great and then wham! I devour everything in sight. But I just need to keep picking myself up again and getting back on plan.

veggie lasagna zucchini boats.jpg

So the 4th started off well, and then I went out for Indian food and well, it was less successful for me. The thing is after I was done with lunch I felt bloated and not great. I knew it wasn’t good the way I was eating, but I just didn’t stop myself. Because well, that’s been my normal for almost 2 decades now. Then to top it off, I didn’t get my steps in. I didn’t get them in yesterday either. And my water intake has been absolutely terrible.

I would have been fine as far as calories yesterday had I not succumbed to the siren song of vanilla cupcakes in the break room.

What keeps hitting me after I go off plan is that unless the food is fantastic is how crappy I feel. It’s not worth it. I know this. I know it every time, and every time it’s like I lose my mind.

Dinner, though, was a hit. That’s what’s pictured above. It’s another Skinnytaste recipe. Basically you take zucchini, slice them in half and hollow out the centers, which are then filled with a ricotta/veggie mixture and topped with some tomato sauce and mozzarella. Her recipe called for part-skim ricotta and mozzarella, but I’ve been finding that I’m better off using less of full-fat items. It helps with satiety–for me at least. The only other changes I made were that I had larger zucchini, so I only halved 2 instead of the 4 called for and that I used my own marinara sauce.




2 responses to “I get knocked down – Days 74-76

  1. “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain’t never gonna keep me down..” (Was that the musical reference?)

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