Days 80-83

I seem to have plateaued. It happens. It’s inevitable. There are a ton of possible reasons why it happens from hormones to stress to not exercising.

It’s still frustrating.

You can find lots of web articles talking about plateaus. What they are, why they happen.

Looking at my food diary for MyFitnessPal, I have more “guesstimating” than usual. These are from meals at restaurants where frankly, I have no idea how much I consumed. My salad last night was roasted root vegetables and some other stuff and house-made ricotta. I can guess at how much oil they were roasted in, but really? I have no clue. How do you even begin estimating what’s in house-made ricotta? It’s not like I’m at a Cheesecake Factory where they’re legally obligated to share nutrition stuff. It’s a good single-owner restaurant.

I’ve gone more than a few days without hitting my step goals.

But mostly? Mostly I’ve been stressed as all get out from work. I’m taking my frustrations home and I have to wonder if this is part of the problem.

I’m not sure I have an easy answer to this, but then again, nothing about weight loss is easy.


One response to “Days 80-83

  1. It sounds like you know why you are plateauing. Things have got a bit too flexible. You can do it, you’ve done it before.

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