Trying to regain my mojo – Days 85-88

farmers market.jpg

It’s been quite the mix of highs and lows. I ate at least 3 meals out over the past 4 days and I’m feeling it. Also I gained 2 lbs 😦

The thing that kills me is that I don’t even enjoy these indulgences. It never tastes as good as I remembered and I can feel it physically for days. DAYS. Seriously, my stomach is roiling afterwards and it’s like it’s screaming at me “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU KNOW BETTER!”

My one positive is that I came home with all this bounty from the Farmers Market on Saturday. Well, that and at least 3 times now I’ve gone out at like 6am for a walk and have felt the better for it.


One response to “Trying to regain my mojo – Days 85-88

  1. Surely the fact that you feel like that is brilliant progress?
    One baby step at a time, and suddenly you look back and think. How did I get here?
    Looks like a very healthy haul of shopping you’ve got there!

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