Eating Well – Days 89-90

I am feeling more positive. I’ve had a couple of days of eating to plan, getting in my water, and all my steps. Also, my digestive system is back to feeling normal. So that’s all progress.

Initially my process was to weigh myself every other week. I’ve been doing what I swore I wouldn’t–obsessively weighing myself since the gain. The positive news is that I’m at a lower point than I have been in over two years. But I need to go back to only doing this once a week.

I was tooling around with myfitnesspal and rediscovered their reports that allow you to track your measurements. So I took those and duly recorded them. My thought is that at every 10 pounds lost, I’ll take them.

Two new recipes to report on:

  1. Another attempt of mine at Lemon Chicken. This one is from Skinnytaste and it’s technically for Chicken Francese. Easy to make, way better than that Weight Watchers’ recipe disaster, but not a keeper.
  2. And then I made the Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats. The end result was fantastic, but when I make these again, I’m going to have to change up the process because by the time I finished, the kitchen was a total disaster. I think the way to approach this is like you do for a stir fry: do all your prep ahead of time, clean as you go, and have everything ready to add as needed.

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