Eating Well – Day 100

breakfast of champions.jpg

I’m 100 days into this! Seems like time to take stock.

  • I am more than 25% of the way toward my goal weight.
  • I’m down 2 sizes.
  • Generally speaking I am sleeping through the night!!! (still not long enough but I will take this as a victory).
  • My memory seems sharper than it’s been lately.
  • I have energy again.
  • I feel so much better than I have in years.

All very good things.

Today was better than it’s been in the last few days. The sinus infection is still with me, but the symptoms haven’t been as bad. I managed to eat 3 meals. I also managed to get in my 10k steps–most of it from running errands and doing laundry, but still. Way, way better than I’ve been doing for the last 4 days.

The pic above is my breakfast. That’s 1 cup of fresh blueberries, a multigrain ciabatta roll, 1 scrambled egg, and 1 piece of center-cut bacon. Not pictured was the 1 tsp of butter necessary to prepare scrambled eggs properly.

Breakfast food has always been one of my most favorite meals ever and on the weekends I like to do something other than oatmeal or fruit with ricotta or nut butter. I also love scrambled eggs. What I’m struck by here is that there was a time not so long ago when I would have eaten 2 of those sandwiches. I routinely made 3 eggs at a time. Now? I can get by on just 1.

The other thing that was noteworthy was that I savored this breakfast. I tend to gobble down my food without really pausing or anything. I’m working on that. I try to eat slower. I try to enjoy each bite, but generally it’s a losing battle. For whatever reason, this breakfast was consumed like a normal person.

Lunch was leftover matzo ball soup. Still my go-to any time I’ve got any kind of cold or sinus thing going on.

I had about an ounce of mozzarella as a snack at some point.

Dinner was some leftover tomato sauce with meatballs. It’s lasted 4 meals (before I started this, that would have been 1 meal). I also weighed out just 2 ounces of cavatelli and it was more than sufficient. I added a tbsp of Asiago. I paired that all with some grape tomatoes and an ear of corn.

I’m pretty sure I have a calorie adjustment coming, but MyFitnessPal is STILL not syncing with Fitbit so that’s just anĀ educated guess.





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