Never Assume – Day 122


Long ago I came to the realization that I have issues needing to see stuff lest I forget it’s there. I learned I can’t use my crisper drawers because I tend to forget there are veggies in it and suddenly I have a science experiment. It’s why I seldom where scarves (they’re in a drawer in the dresser that I just never use). And it’s why I’ve rearranged my cupboards so the healthy snacks are more visible.

But I know I also have issues with assumptions. Yesterday I was making breakfast: a toasted whole wheat ciabatta roll, 1 egg scrambled, and 2 pieces of bacon. I didn’t pause. I didn’t consult the package–I just assumed 2 pieces of bacon constituted a serving and started cooking. It was only when I turned the package over that I saw my error. With something like bacon, that’s a big difference.

It’s why I’ve been weighing pasta and meat. My estimates are usually off. It’s why I need to use a calorie counter.

It’s also why I keep coming back to the hard lesson: I need to plan out my meals and follow that plan. Every time I go off plan, it goes badly.



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