Inch by Inch – Day 127

I don’t do selfies. I have nothing against them, it’s just that I photograph terribly under the best of circumstances and selfies are hardly the best of circumstances. So there are not going to be any before and after pics of me.

Nonetheless, a picture is worth a thousand words soooooo:

losing inches.jpg

This past April, that skirt, which is the garment behind the trousers, was tight on me. The trousers were a recent purchase and they fit me (for now). The skirt is literally falling off me.  4 inches off the hips alone!

On impulse, I weighed myself this morning and discovered I’m down another 2 pounds which makes about 35 lost total.

1.5 more pounds and I will be a third of the way to my goal weight.

I wish I could say this gets easier. It doesn’t. I was at a function that had appetizers the other day and while I didn’t eat my weight in cheese and while I stuck to a few things that seemed on the healthier side, I still had some amaretto cheesecake shooter dessert thing (basically cheesecake in a shot glass which was tastier than it sounds) that I didn’t need and wasn’t worth the calories.

Food. God, I think about food ALL OF THE TIME. It really is like an addiction.

But I have definitely made progress. That’s what I need to keep telling myself.


2 responses to “Inch by Inch – Day 127

  1. I am on day 8 of the Whole30 and feel like not only do I think about food all the time but I feel like I am always meal planning, shopping, cooking or doing dishes. Eating healthy is a lot of work! You are doing a great job!!

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