Trying – Day 153


I have to remind myself that this is not a race. That if I stumble, it’s not the end. That I can do this.

September is generally a pretty hard month for me. I work in academia and it means that I have a ton of teaching which is not, of course, just the classroom time, but all the preparation that goes with it. It also is the start of a new semester.The students are everywhere.My days are full. It means that the sun starts to set sooner and my time for walking is curtailed.

It means that I get stressed more easily.

When I get stressed, I eat.

And then it all goes to hell.

I cannot let that happen again.

3 responses to “Trying – Day 153

  1. One day, one meal at a time girl!

  2. You are right, you cannot let it happen, and recognising the challenges for what they are is the first step to beating them.