These boots are made for walking – Day 159

ingressI think I’ve written about Ingress before.If not, it’s a GPS based phone game that’s sort of a cross between geocaching and steal the flag. Kind of like Pokemon Go, but more competitive, team-oriented, and in my opinion, cooler.

This past weekend I went to an Ingress event. My total step count? 50,048!

It would have been more impressive if my eating choices had not been so poor. I need to work on that more. Some of it I can blame on the situation.

I like to think my habits are starting to improve and that I’m learning to trust the good instincts. But it’s still something I’m struggling with.

Case in point: I made the chicken enchiladas from Skinnytaste. I generally follow a recipe exactly the first time I make it. I was looking at these and remember thinking that is far too much cheese. It looked like too much cheese as I put it on and yet, I kept on going. “They’re only 194 calories apiece,” I said to myself.The thing is? It’s way too much cheese. I don’t do well with that much dairy and really, I could have used those calories elsewhere and been much, much happier.

Last night, though, I think I did good. The plan had been to have gelato for dessert, but I wasn’t feeling it–probably a sign autumn is really here, and I looked at the bakery bag with a sprouted grain roll. I toasted it, put on a teaspoon of unsalted butter and a teaspoon of my homemade pear butter, and oh man, that was amazing. Total satiety.







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