Day 180 – Almost halfway there


I’ve been doing this for nearly half a year! And appropriately enough I had my physical today. So this seems like a good time to make this post.

My doctor has different numbers than me, but that’s because I gained 8 pounds after she last saw me and because I weigh myself naked (and that was not going to happen at her office). To date I have lost 37 pounds! She’s got me down for 27, but she was very pleased.

The bloodwork was pretty decent too. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is my cholesterol. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lower than last time, but the bad cholesterol (LDL) is still higher than it should be. The doctor did not put me on a statin, just suggested I really work at that in my food choices and that we’d see where I was with it next year.

Based on how much more I need to lose, I will be on this road for a good year more and then on “maintenance” for the rest of my life, but still. I’m happier with myself than I’ve been for a good long time.


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