40 pounds lost! – Day 224


It’s been 32 weeks and I’m down slightly over 40 pounds.Somehow, I’m still losing despite going wildly off track a few times. I was actually somewhat shocked given that for the past 3 weeks I’ve felt terrible. It’s not weight related, just age and illness and killer insomnia plaguing me. It will pass. I hope. Right now, I feel like a zombie. Just a thinner zombie.

The weather is turning very cold, although there’s no snow yet, and I am going to have to find an alternative location for my walking. I’m also looking at adding in some more exercise into my routine, although I think they’ll need to be things I can do at home.

I’ve put three more shirts into the donation box because they’re way too big on me. Out of necessity, I’ve had to go shopping and to my shock, I was able to fit into some tops in the regular Misses department. It’s been so long. It’s nice to have greater choice and to pay less money.

No great insights to share. The only thing that feels different is that for a very long sustained period, every time I’ve fallen off the wagon, I’ve managed to get back on it and just keep on going. That’s what I wanted: lifestyle change. Maybe I finally have it?

2 responses to “40 pounds lost! – Day 224

  1. It’s all about sustainable changes, just like I just posted about. Well done on your successes! I hope you get some better sleep. Sleep deprivation is the best.