Day 255 – It’s all in the planning


I’ve been trying and mostly succeeding at planning my meals in advance, well, for 255 days. There have been spurts where the plans didn’t happen or where I deviated, but in general it’s worked.

My usual method is to go through recipes and to work out a general 2-3 week cycle. There’s usually one big trip to the supermarket and then a few smaller trips here and there to get ingredients that I’ve either forgotten or that just won’t hold up for that long a period. I wrote everything out and slapped it on my fridge.

But for Christmas I requested an actual Meal Planner and got it. Same thing really as the ripped out pieces of paper, but my hope is that it’ll help me have a better sense of how things work out and help me keep track of what goes on my meal rotation.

I did not do so well for the holidays. I knew I’d be going off plan and I was fine with that, but once again I forgot about all the leftovers and all the food-related gifts. I was off work and let’s just say I lost all self control. Again. Because I guess that’s what I do. There was a 7 -pound weight gain.

And here’s what’s frustrating: even as I indulged, I knew I would feel terrible, but that didn’t stop me. I just did it.

Finally, I cleared out everything either by bringing to some parties or to work. The rest got tossed. I am back on the journey. Again. Because I guess that’s what I do.


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