Eating Well – Day 257

real ramen.jpg

Lunch today was ramen. And by ramen, I don’t mean that stuff you buy in a block at the supermarket and add hot water to. This is legit ramen from a great restaurant that I can walk to during the work week. Of course, I have no real idea how to log it so I searched a lot of entries and overestimated the calories.

I’ve been experimenting with new recipes. No pics, but here are my latest attempts:

Baked Lemon Chicken: I keep trying to find a low-cal version of lemon chicken that will satisfy and they are all just kind of meh for me. This was the best of the lot, but I think I just need to throw in the towel on this one and eat less of a full-fat, high-bore version.

Perfect Brussels Sprouts: Genuine pain to prep, but the vegetable equivalent of crack. I threw in balsamic vinegar and had to force myself to stop eating them. Will make again.

Turkey Meatball Stroganoff: I did this in the slow cooker and it was a ton of work to prep. I doubled the amount of onion and mushrooms. It was decent, but I think if I make it again, I would do it on a weekend when I have more time. Or alternatively, I’d make the meatballs the night before. Next time, I think I’d add in some garlic and maybe up the amount of paprika bit.

Our winter has kicked in full force, but I’m still trying to get in my steps.

It’s been a while since I presented my entire caloric intake for the day so here goes:

Breakfast: 2 Clementines and 62 g of part-skim ricotta, coffee, multivitamin

Lunch: the above depiction of ramen

Dinner: turkey meatball Stroganoff on 2 oz of pappardelle, 1 oz of bourbon over ice

Snacks: 118 g of grape tomatoes and 1/4 cup of cashews

Totals 1,580 120 62 74 1,572 18
Your Daily Goal 1,963 246 65 98 2,300 73
Remaining 383 126 3 24 728 55






*You’ve earned 463 extra calories from exercise today

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