Eating Well – Day 264


This is a terrible photo of a very delicious dinner. My friends, I present to you, Gimme Some Oven’s Hot and Sour Soup.

Came together in like 20 minutes tops. The only things I did differently were to double the amount of mushrooms, substituting creminis as my supermarket was out of shiitakes, and to double the amount of garlic chili sauce.

Not an experienced cook? No worries. You just need to be able to slice the mushrooms and onions, measure the ingredients, and to whisk. If you can do those, you can make this.

If I got my logging right, I’m looking at about 146 calories per serving so double that tonight as I am having seconds. The sodium count is high, but honestly I so do not care right now. It’s winter. I live in a drafty house and right now, this feels like a hug.

The only thing I’m not sure of is how well it will reheat. From the comments on the blog, it sounds like it should be done on the stove top very slowly. And I am okay with that.


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