Eating Well – Day 308

Behold the wonder that is Mushroom Bourguignon. Like Boeuf Bourguignon, it sounds way fancier and harder to make than it really is.

Basically it’s a stew with wine. And anyone can make stew.


It’s faster than the traditional beef burgundy, but I would still suggest allowing at 2 hours for the prep and cooking. If you work as I do, that means you either do this on the weekend or plan on eating at 8:00 PM. Usually I like to have all my chopping done ahead of time, but since you’re cooking stuff down for so long, you will have pockets of time to do this as you go. But it’s not a difficult recipe.

I’ve made this twice now and I think it’s going in the permanent winter rotation. It’s flavorful and hearty and comforting. If you needed to, you could make it completely vegetarian by subbing out the beef broth for veggie broth.

The first time I kept to the recipe exactly as it’s linked

The second time around I did a few things differently. Lacking enough portobellos, I made up the difference with some creminis. I also chopped up some center-cut bacon and fried that up with the mushrooms.

I used a whole carrot and kept that and the onion at largish dice. I used a full teaspoon of dried thyme.

And lastly I added a shot of cognac with the wine.

Pro tip: you can buy frozen pearl onions. Saves you oodles of time. Just make sure they’re thawed.

And like all stews, this is even better the next day.

With my changes, you’re looking at 322 calories per serving, fat 14 g, sodium 214 g, carb 25 g, fiber 6 g, protein 10g.


One response to “Eating Well – Day 308

  1. That looks so good, I really want to give it a try!

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