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Phase II: It begins

After finishing Phase I of my massive decluttering KonMari project, I took a bit of a break. I think I needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I went through the whole process, but it was emotionally and physically draining.

There were a few small projects in there. A year or so ago, I purchased some drapes that I finally had hemmed by a very kind person. Those are now in my bedroom and I replaced a few things, chucking the older items.

So Phase II.

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KonMari – Next steps

So you want to try this Marie Kondo thing?

A couple of people have been asking me if I have advice about doing this. I do.

My first suggestion is that you pick a couple of small categories or subcategories that aren’t emotionally loaded for you. Make sure you get all of the category/subcategory together in one place, and then try the method. If it doesn’t work, you’re not out a ton of time or effort. If it does, you have proof of concept.


  • Use her category order (clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental)
  • If you have too much of a category, do a subcategory
  • Identify a staging area – she suggests the floor, but it could be a bed, a table top, anything
  • Make sure you get ALL of the category/subcategory together for sorting
  • Have a disposal plan in place, be it charity donations, trash, recycling, consignment shop
  • Don’t let it all pile up, I got it out of the house as I went
  • There will be items you need, but cannot afford to replace right now. Create a list somewhere and just add those items to it. When you have the money, try and make a thoughtful purchase and get rid of the old item.

This worked for me.

I learned a lot about myself, what I really liked, just how much guilt I’d put into the things that surrounded me (I can’t possibly get rid of that even though I never really liked it because it was a gift from so-and-so), that I’m a very visual person, and that I’m not terribly self-aware about certain things.

It wasn’t always easy. In fact sometimes it was downright hard.

But since starting this, I’ve maintained all the spaces I’ve decluttered. I can find things now. Getting dressed is not a terrible chore.

Phase II is me trying to see what the best possible way to organize what remains. I have some ideas, but I’m trying to make thoughtful, careful decisions about this. I’ll blog about that as I go.

My life is still very stressful. Work hasn’t calmed down. My health is still a problem. The factors that were out of control are still kind of out of control, but for the first time like ever, my home feels in control. And for that I am very grateful.

KonMari – Sentimental Journey

It took a few days, but, Reader, I am done with “sentimental” and therefore also done with Phase I.

I have now gone through every single one of my possessions.

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The Great British Bake Off

I thought I would take a momentary break from all KonMari stuff.

On a friend’s recommendation, I gave The Great British Bake Off a try and I loved it.

Amateur British bakers compete in a series of skill-based challenges for a trophy and apparently the honor and glory of winning. That’s it.

There’s very little in the way of staging/shaping a story that you’d see on a similar American show. If they are doing it, it’s being done in an incredibly subtle fashion. Nobody is sabotaging anyone. The presenters seem to be very kind people who want the best for the contestants. And the judges are pretty fair and so far, compassionate.

It’s civilized. The food is mouth-watering. The contestants are interesting and clearly talented. And it’s watchable.

When some TV exec decides to make an American version (and they will–it’s inevitable), you can bet all of that will fly out the window.

Komono – Finished!

Reader, tonight I finished the miscellaneous category of my possessions.

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Komono – Check In

I’m well at the half way mark, probably for the entirety of my house as well as this category.

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That’s Entertainment! – KonMari

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